Single Nozzle Technology

With our simple cold bidets such as the Mi-100, you will find this nozzle to have excellent coverage.

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Dual Nozzle Technology

Check out our models with dual spray technology that allows for both front and rear spray (male / female) direction for the optimal cleaning!

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Stainless Steel Handheld Bidets

Like the classic sprayers? We've got those two, check out both our economical sprayer and our premium stainless steel handheld sprayers available at all authorized distributors.

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Bidet is Environmentally Friendly

Using toilet paper wastes a lot of paper and if one has a bidet, he can save on using so much toilet paper and save the environment. Americans use a lot of toilet paper each year and if they used the bidet instead, many trees would be saved. Using a bidet is a go green method for the bathroom that eliminates the use of toilet paper. Even though the bidet uses water, it is still about the same amount as washing your hands so it is not as bad as you might think.

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Bidets are Hygienic

Using a bidet is much cleaner than just using toilet paper. With toilet paper you don't get the same clean feeling as using water. Using just toilet paper can cause irritation and not do a good job cleaning. With a bidet you are using water which cleans the area effectively and quickly. It is just like when you get something on your hand. Washing it off with water is much more effective than just using a piece of paper to clean it.

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Bidet Easy Install

The bidet can be set up within 15 minutes, with no tools necessary. One does not have to waste money on plumbing, it can be installed easily without too much work. The bidet comes with all the things required to install it and no other purchases are necessary. It is easy to install and use. Once it is installed it is ready to use. The instructions are clear on how to install the bidet and it should take no time at all to start using your new bidet.

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Since 1993

Our Approach

With sales of bidets in Canada & USA, here at Mi Bidet, we have been creating and selling the most innovative and high quality bidets for over a decade!  It was a rough start because we wanted everything just perfect, but we mastered sourcing the best parts available and came out with a line of bidet attachments that everyone is talking about! Get yours today! Learn how to use a bidet and bidet facts by clicking here!

Where to buy

You can find us in several supermarket shops around Canada and exclusivity online at . Available in most major cities. Bidets Toronto, Bidet Canada, Bidets USA, Bidets Vancouver, Bidets Ottawa.

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